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Concierge Services

Special Amenities

Our Concierge Service was created to ensure your experience with us is as pleasant as possible. We understand how important your time is, which is why we provide our customers with special amenities that many shops don't offer.

Collision Specialists takes every single repair seriously, no matter how big or small the damage may be. Quality and integrity are our guiding principles and to ensure that every customer is satisfied.
  • Professional car cleaning
  • Monthly car inspections
  • Repair progress updates
  • Inner car cleaning

Our Certifications

Car Certifications

  •   WCS03 Automotive Steel Welding Qualifications
  •   Non Structural Repair
  •   Collision Repair Plastics
  •   Steering & Suspension Repair
  •   Advanced Vehicle Systems Repair

AATI Certifications

  •   Collision Specialty Certifications
  •   Structural Analysis
  •   Non Structural Analysis
  •   Painting & Refinishing

PPG Certification

  •   Certified Technicians

ASE Certifications

  •   Standing for ASE damage analysis and estimating certifications in December 2009

Company Certifications

  •   Holds certification as hazardous Materials Management Facility
  •   Holds Environmental Training Certification